Revenue Management Solutions (RMS) optimizes sales and menu pricing using patented data analysis and tech-enabled services that always deliver a profit gain. With 25 years of experience, our clients include 100,000 restaurant locations in more than 40 countries.


  • With rising food costs, wage pressures and changing dining habits, profitability challenges lurk at every eating establishment. RMS optimizes your menu and develops pricing recommendations using your own POS transactional data analyzed with our patented process. By creating a tailored menu pricing strategy based on the customers’ willingness to pay and their value perception, our clients are sure to increase profitability while protecting demand.


  • RMS’ integration with PAR/Brink’s POS system allows for near real-time reporting and data analytics to identify trends, assess item performance and power RMS’ menu pricing service. By logging into their own secure site, restaurants can access full pricing impact for each location based on its individual potential. A direct integration with PAR’s cloud-based system provides a faster and more reliable method to capture POS data that helps restaurant brands make strategic decisions and maximize profitability thru accessing trends and benchmarking insights.


  • Download item pricing recommendations specific to individual locations and customer segments
  • Understand changes in check composition and guest traffic
  • Interactive benchmarking against the overall system and other franchisees
  • Access to pricing analytics, historic insights and trend reports

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