Onboarding Services

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We're On This Journey Together

PAR understands that a thoughtful onboarding process is the key to providing value to each of our customers.

Our Onboarding Portfolio includes our Project Management, Professional Services, and Deployment Teams.

  • Discovery Process

    Discovery Process

    Our teams conduct discovery sessions, and outline the scope of work based on your unique needs.

  • Communication


    We serve as your communication link by coordinating roles, monitoring progress, and mitigation planning.

  • Training


    Our dedicated teams will conduct risk assessments, help you train staff, and test your overall solution.

PAR Tech Customer Service

Project Management Organization

Ensuring all requirements are documented and addressed.

  • The Project Management Organization is the first service group that a customer will encounter at PAR.
  • Our project management staff are trained to design a project plan that will ensure a functioning ecosystem for each customer while implementing best practices and aligning both PAR and the customer for success.
  • As the project unfolds and the solution deploys to each location, these experts monitor project activity and assess for risk and continual improvement opportunities.

Professional Services

Preparing Customers for Success through Training and Consultation.

  • Our team of Solutions Architects will create a solution and workflow that addresses customer needs.
  • By guiding the Corporate customer through both solution design and deployment planning, using our experience to assist in planning for the franchisee experience and ultimate guest experience, our clients achieve maximum value from their investments.
  • This team provides training during the concept build and onboarding process to ensure each client is fully prepared for success.
  • We also provide training at the store and franchisee level, through on-site, remote, and computer based training.
PAR Tech Service Providers
PAR Pay seen on an Ingenico Lane 7000


Assisting in Installation and Store Roll-Outs.

  • Provides services which include installations schedule management, store-level Onboarding and discovery to ensure each store has a positive experience receiving their new POS technology, low voltage cabling and permit research, and of course, installation of the point of sale system.
  • Our planners serve as a single point of contact for each franchisee during deployment to ensure the installation and go live of the solution are flawless.
  • Our technicians are experts in the point of sale industry with experience in POS technology, networking, and low-voltage cabling.
  • Unlike our competition, our technician partnerships are cultivated carefully over many years, with each technician requiring careful scrutiny and training prior to joining the PAR team.