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All-in-One Drive-Thru

PAR has everything you need to build the best drive-thru experience to keep guests coming back. Optimize your drive-thru with comprehensive hardware and software.

Headsets and Accessories

Communication is king when working the drive-thru. PAR’s G5® headset makes every order crystal clear and is built to last. A built in accelerometer, modular components, and a comfortable, ergonomic fit means it can take the heat of a busy window. Add base stations and accessories for the ultimate drive-thru solution.

Detailed Analytics and Dashboards

Keep a close watch on drive-thru speed and engage your crew member with PAR’s best-in-class timer technology powered by Techknow™.
  • Optimize speed of service in near real-time through advanced analytics and easy-to-use dashboards
  • Configure your store how you want with multiple methods of vehicle detection, from induction loops to switches to cameras.
  • Motivate your crew to continuously improve the guest experience through gamification and competitive store-to-store contests.

Kitchen Visibility That Delivers

Streamline orders, reduce errors, and decrease wait times with PAR’s full line of KDS hardware, featuring added customization ability with Brink POS®.

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