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Fueling Your Restaurant’s Growth: The Power of Open API and Comprehensive Integrations in Your POS

Published on August 16, 2023
By PAR Team

Restaurants today, regardless of size, are looking to adopt a wide variety of technologies and tools to enhance guest experiences, streamline operations, and drive profits. In fact, a recent NRN survey revealed that 92% of operators plan on investing in new solutions in 2023. However, as technology stacks become more complex, industry leaders face a new challenge: 41% of those surveyed identified the lack of integration with existing systems as the top roadblock to leveraging new technology. Operators view this as a challenge because they are being held back by legacy systems that were not designed for change. Now more than ever, brands need the foundation of a well-designed, flexible POS platform to effectively handle fast-evolving industry demands, for lasting relevance and success.

PAR Brink POS is the leading cloud-based POS system that provides restaurants with such a foundation. The platform’s ability to do so is rooted in its API-first architecture, combined with its extensive integration ecosystem, that empowers brands to optimize operations and innovate beyond the limitations of a traditional POS. Brink’s open API ensures that brands are never locked into specific, limited solutions. They can continue to work with partners they love and add new ones seamlessly without major system overhauls or replacements. This adaptability enables restaurants to remain competitive in the face of change.

With Brink POS, restaurants can choose from a diverse array of 250+ innovative third-party solutions, covering areas like online ordering, payments, delivery services, back-of-house operations, loyalty programs, digital signage, HR functions, and much more. A restaurant’s stack can be completely tailored to align with its needs, operations, and visions, in turn elevating guest experiences, driving scalability, and ensuring future readiness.

Elevate Guest Experience

Whether through smooth omnichannel order flows to the kitchen, real-time inventory updates, or seamless data syncs, Brink’s tightly integrated, connected system unifies workflows and communication as well as reduces manual work. This leads to improved service speed, quality, and accuracy, freeing up resources for guest-focused initiatives. The platform’s flexibility also enables restaurants to create a consistent brand experience across various locations and channels, fostering guest confidence and loyalty. Lastly, Brink’s ecosystem captures valuable data insights from various touchpoints on customer preferences, product mix, labor productivity, inventory costs, and more. Restaurants can effectively analyze and act on this data to enhance offerings, fine-tune marketing, and manage resources, ultimately unlocking operational excellence and revenues.

According to Mike Nettles, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, the quick-service brand chose PAR Brink POS for its cloud-based POS software design, incredible APIs, and ability to ‘play nicely’ with third-party integrations – all of which help the brand chew through customer orders accurately. With the PAR partnership, Zaxby’s is provided bench strength as an enterprise-class player with published APIs and a thirdparty-approved integrator package. According to Mike Nettles, these capabilities ensure that he does not “have to invent everything on [his] own.”

Scalability Made Simple

Scaling your restaurant business can be difficult without a flexible POS. With Brink, brands have a go-to playbook and processes that they can replicate readily, making it easier to roll out to new stores and franchises. Brink’s connected platform and integrations facilitates scaling with easy multi-unit management and a holistic view of business across tools, datapoints, and locations. Restaurants benefit from economies of scale – net new integrations or building in-house solutions from scratch take several months of time and capital investment. By leveraging Brink’s capabilities and ecosystem, brands can achieve a faster route to transformation and profitability.

Primed for the Future

With its open architecture and partner network, Brink POS also lowers the barrier to innovation for restaurants. Operators can be in control of their own evolution. They have access to 250+ solutions already at their fingertips and can experiment with the most up-to-date technology. Whether it is AI-driven recommendations or automated kitchens, restauranteurs can have visibility into emerging trends and the runway to pivot their strategies to stay ahead.

At PAR, we understand that POS investments comprise a major chunk of a restaurant’s IT budget and time. With Brink POS, we offer a technology platform and partnership that collaborates with customers, software partners, and industry experts to create a strong ecosystem ready for the future.

Interested in a POS that enables your growth? Learn more about PAR Brink POS or request a demo today!

Tiffany Disher, General Manager, MENU North America

Tiffany Disher

General Manager, MENU North America

Tiffany Disher, General Manager, MENU North America, an omni-channel ordering solution to futureproof restaurant’s growing digital sales needs. Before taking on this new role in January 2023, she was an integral part of Punchh’s growth story. She has advised hundreds of customers over the past eight years on their loyalty strategies both from a base program standpoint as well as ongoing marketing strategies. Before Punchh, Tiffany worked for Schlotzsky’s where she supported the brand marketing team by leading loyalty, eClub, R&D, Franchise advisory council and marketing analytics. Tiffany has her Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from University of Oregon and Master’s in Business with a specialty in Marketing from Baylor University. An avid golfer, hiker and mom of two small children, Tiffany spends her limited free time entering into baking competitions.