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From Chaos to Control: How PAR Brink POS Transforms the Daily Grind for Restaurant Staff

Published on January 17, 2024
By PAR Team

In today’s restaurant landscape, where new technology and flashy trends vie for attention, a fundamental truth remains: human connection is the bedrock of truly remarkable guest experiences. As Brett Schulman, CEO of Cava and a valued PAR customer, aptly said in a recent QSR article, “the people who deliver great service every day, in every restaurant, every shift” are what set winning concepts apart. Well-trained, motivated, and engaged employees are the architects of genuine hospitality, crafting seamless operations, top-notch service, and a welcoming atmosphere that inspires loyalty and repeat business.

However, the industry faces a harsh reality: high staff turnover. According to a National Restaurant Association survey, nearly 62% of restaurant operators lacked the personnel to meet customer needs in 2023. This revolving door of employees disrupts operations, leaving knowledge gaps and requiring constant re-training. The impact is significant: increased training costs, compromised service quality and consistency, and ultimately, a dampened bottom line.

In this tight labor landscape, prioritizing the staff experience is crucial. Restaurants need to invest in technology that empowers their employees. The POS system – pulsing with omnichannel orders, data, and the constant churn of a busy day – holds immense potential to transform the staff experience. Streamlining operations, automating tasks, and minimizing errors frees staff from stress, allows faster service, and equips them for success. By creating a smoother experience with the right POS, you’ll see the rewards in efficient operations, happier staff, and delighted guests. For this, choose a complete POS partner – powerful tools, scalable tech, purposeful customer-focused innovation, and trusted allyship.

PAR Brink POS: Designed for Staff Success

PAR Brink POS, a leading cloud-based POS system, addresses staff-centric needs head-on. Built with meaningful innovation that prioritizes user needs and experience, Brink empowers your team from day one. Its flexible design and powerful functionality ease morning rushes, dinner crowds, and everything in between, reducing friction and making work less stressful.

Let’s explore some of Brink’s fantastic capabilities specifically designed to address common employee pain points ultimately making their jobs easier, more efficient, and more rewarding.

  • Resilient In-Store: In the hectic restaurant setting, a few things stress staff like a malfunctioning POS. Brink POS is designed to ensure that employees never lose access to their POS in-store, even in high-demand situations or technical disruptions. Even if the primary register stumbles, a dedicated backup seamlessly steps in, running independent of the internet and the cloud. This ensures that staff can focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional service – without the stress of tech meltdowns.
  • Configured To Staff Comfort: Take the guesswork out of the POS setup with flexible configurations and easy-to-customize screens. Brink bends to your restaurant, not the other way around. From out-of-the-box templates to custom menus and workflows, Brink fits your desired brand and processes. Staff learn in 30 minutes, not days, thanks to the intuitive interface and familiar feel. Less clicking, less training, and less stress ensures happy staff – it’s a Brink thing.
  • Easy Order Management: Sleek order preview panels let staff see up to 8 orders at once on the menu screen, allowing them to scan, validate, and process orders in seconds. No switching screens, hunting for details, or order confusion. Plus, Brink’s tablet-optimized drag & drop lets you shuffle orders on the fly. Easily manage the flow by moving orders, saving spots, and keeping everything organized with a single swipe. Brink ensures your team always stays in control.
  • Stress-free Pick-Ups: The Bag Chit feature consolidates all crucial order details onto one receipt, providing staff with a clear and concise overview of each guest’s to-go order. This eliminates the risk of order mix-ups and establishes a smooth pick-up process for both employees and guests, ultimately reducing stress and frustration for all.
  • Charitable Giving Made Easy: Brink’s Round Up for Charity functionality lets guests seamlessly support their favorite charities with a single tap at checkout, without the need for cashier prompting. It transforms potentially awkward moments between the guest and cashier into pressure-free, positive interactions. With manual prompting out the door, checkouts flow faster, making everyone happy.
  • No More Payday Panic: Brink POS automates pay rate changes, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and workplace equity. No more manual scheduling or calculations. Operators gain insights into future labor costs and can synchronize adjustments for all employees fairly. Freed from administrative tasks, managers can focus on strategic initiatives and better support their staff.

Investing in a staff-friendly POS system like PAR Brink POS is more than just a purchase; it’s a strategic move. Empowering your team with the right tools and support leads to a ripple effect: happier employees, smoother operations, and ultimately, better bottom line. It’s a win-win that keeps your business thriving for years to come.

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Tiffany Disher, General Manager, MENU North America

Tiffany Disher

General Manager, MENU North America

Tiffany Disher, General Manager, MENU North America, an omni-channel ordering solution to futureproof restaurant’s growing digital sales needs. Before taking on this new role in January 2023, she was an integral part of Punchh’s growth story. She has advised hundreds of customers over the past eight years on their loyalty strategies both from a base program standpoint as well as ongoing marketing strategies. Before Punchh, Tiffany worked for Schlotzsky’s where she supported the brand marketing team by leading loyalty, eClub, R&D, Franchise advisory council and marketing analytics. Tiffany has her Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from University of Oregon and Master’s in Business with a specialty in Marketing from Baylor University. An avid golfer, hiker and mom of two small children, Tiffany spends her limited free time entering into baking competitions.