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Unleash Hassle-Free Excellence in Restaurant Operations with a Seamless Digital Ordering Platform

Published on January 15, 2024
By PAR Team
Navigating the digital ordering landscape can feel like deciphering a complex puzzle. Incompatibility issues, communication gaps, and technical glitches lurk at every corner, threatening to disrupt the order flow, cripple efficiency, and sink the restaurant’s success. Like a chef juggling flaming pans, restaurant operators today struggle to balance evolving customer demands with operational effectiveness. Some of the biggest challenges with ordering providers that affect restaurant growth include:

Technical Turmoil: Navigating the Digital Maze

Integrating a digital ordering app into a network of disjointed platforms can occasionally introduce additional challenges. This technical turmoil poses a risk to the seamless order flow and overall operational efficiency. The digital revolution demands a solution that not only integrates seamlessly but also addresses these technical challenges head-on.
Staff Training: Breaking Through the Learning Curve Icon

Staff Training: Breaking Through the Learning Curve

Training staff to adapt to new technologies is a time-consuming process that can hinder efficiency during the learning curve. A digital ordering platform should be designed with a user-friendly interface, requiring minimal staff training and ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting daily operations.
Menu Management Mayhem: Real-Time Updates Across Channels Icon

Menu Management Mayhem: Real-Time Updates Across Channels

Restaurant operators wrestle with a tech tempest, deciphering complex apps and managing menus across various channels in real-time. Keeping the digital menu up to date is a daunting task that directly impacts customer satisfaction and trust. An effective digital ordering platform streamlines restaurant operations and empowers restaurant operators to take control of their digital menu, ensuring accuracy, convenience and speed. The digital hurdles listed above threaten smooth operations, staff efficiency, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Is there a way for you to navigate this chaos?

Navigate the Future of Dining with the MENU Omnichannel Ordering Platform

Navigate the Future of Dining with the MENU Omnichannel Ordering Platform

The key to conquering the digital landscape maze and thriving in the modern dining scene is embracing a user-friendly, seamlessly integrated digital ordering platform. Imagine empowering your staff with minimal training, while captivating customers with a real-time, accurate menu on every channel they use.

Enter the MENU Ordering Platform – a powerful ally in overcoming the challenges of the modern restaurant. Its intuitive, state-of-the-art design facilitates a smooth transition without disrupting your daily operations. Being part of the PAR Technology family, MENU is seamlessly integrated with Brink POS, Punchh and PAR Pay. This brings the advantage of a lower total cost of ownership, making it a financially savvy choice for restaurants.

MENU effortlessly connects with major US delivery platforms such as Doordash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats via MENU Link – a marketplace order management solution embedded within the MENU ecosystem. This guarantees customers a smooth journey, regardless of where they choose to place their orders, and a hassle-free management of all ordering channels and menus for your restaurant. Major enterprise restaurant brands strategically opt for PAR’s Brink and MENU Link to not only meet current consumer demands, but also position themselves for sustained success in the future.

At MENU, we prioritize comprehensive support as a fundamental element of the user experience. We are committed to staying closely connected with our customers through an array of supporting materials, comprehensive how-to guides, and timely updates on new releases.

Seamlessly integrated, beautifully designed, and supported by exceptional services, MENU emerges as the innovative solution propelling your restaurant to new heights in the digital world. Embrace the future with MENU and transform your dining experience.

Interested to learn how you can elevate your dining experience, one order at a time?
Tiffany Disher, General Manager, MENU North America

Tiffany Disher

General Manager, MENU North America

Tiffany Disher, General Manager, MENU North America, an omni-channel ordering solution to futureproof restaurant’s growing digital sales needs. Before taking on this new role in January 2023, she was an integral part of Punchh’s growth story. She has advised hundreds of customers over the past eight years on their loyalty strategies both from a base program standpoint as well as ongoing marketing strategies. Before Punchh, Tiffany worked for Schlotzsky’s where she supported the brand marketing team by leading loyalty, eClub, R&D, Franchise advisory council and marketing analytics. Tiffany has her Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from University of Oregon and Master’s in Business with a specialty in Marketing from Baylor University. An avid golfer, hiker and mom of two small children, Tiffany spends her limited free time entering into baking competitions.