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Data Central®

PAR Data Central provides innovative, easy-to-use back-office solutions and database management services to optimize every part of your business.

The right information, in the right hands, at the right time

  • Inventory Management- Track inventory from delivery through preparation and manage waste, over-portioning, and theft.
  • Food Management: Lower food costs using menu engineering, Actual vs Theoretical analysis, suggested ordering, and purchasing optimization.
  • Labor Management: Industry-leading labor forecasting and scheduling tools to help predict the right mix of staffing for every shift.
  • Enterprise Reporting: Identify trends and problems at the moment with features like automated report delivery, criteria-based alerts, and configurable user permissions.

Gain a Comprehensive View of Your Operations

Data Central integrates information from existing POS, inventory, supply, payroll, and accounting platforms to provide a comprehensive view of your operations. Its cloud-based SaaS design draws from a multitude of data streams enterprise-wide to optimize your back-office while reducing the amount of manual entry needed from you.

But don’t take it from us – listen to satisfied customers who use Data Central everyday.

“Data Central made the most sense for our stringent requirements. It integrates well with our current tech stack, doesn’t require any ‘theoretical’ costs or fuzzy math, and has plenty of capabilities for customization. Best of all, it works everywhere, for everyone within our restaurants.”
Program Owner
California Pizza Kitchen


    • Line Check: Schedule unlimited custom checklists for operating procedures
    • Managers Log- Centralized & Mobile Shift Notes​
    • Scan Assist: Paperless Invoice Management​’
    • Label Printing: Easy Food Expiration Label Printing

Data Central clients see a 3-6% reduction in food costs

Data Central is more than a data management platform. It’s a game-changing system that can recover 3-6% of inventory just by turning it on, with the power to move the metrics that matter the most to you.

Combine PAR’s Data Central back-office software with our menu of other offerings for an unbeatable time- and money-saving combo!

A Maintenance Free Solution for Multi-Unit Restaurants

PAR’s signature Concierge Services provides a team of experienced restaurant operators that administer the software and share industry best practices. So your team focuses on delivering an incredible guest experience.