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Seamless omnichannel ordering with built-in delivery and engagement, all managed from a single place

Digital Ordering

Increase checks & reduce third-party costs with contactless & frictionless ordering experiences in your branding, including Mobile, Web, Kiosk & QR code ordering. Leverage a single customer identity across all channels and support for all order types.

Tap into Digital Demand

MENU Link integrates third-party ordering channels, from delivery marketplaces to food ordering on Google and social & conversational ordering, to help you maximize efficiency and increase order accuracy.

Delivery & Dispatch

The Delivery & Dispatch solution by MENU, takes all the extra logistics off your staff’s plate with automated dispatching and ensures that your delivery orders are fulfilled on time through your own drivers or a third-party fleet.

Marketing Website

Make the best impression with your branded digital presentation using a flexible website builder and integrate it easily with your branded Web App for unified experience.

Deliver consistent experiences across all channels

MENU’s modular portfolio covers everything you need to make the most out of your digital journey. You can maximize your revenues by providing a state-of-the-art omnichannel customer experience at scale while reducing errors, inefficiencies and manual work.

The MENU Ecosystem offers fully integrated omnichannel digital order, pay & engagement solutions in restaurants’ branding with a comprehensive delivery & dispatch suite. Seamless integrations with any external ordering channel enable restaurants to get rid of multiple tablets and manage all third-party channels with only one interface. The entire ecosystem is managed in a single place and integrates smoothly with various point of sales systems, payment processors, delivery service providers, and analytics tools.

With over 100 technology partner integrations, the MENU platform powers digital experiences for some of the largest restaurant brands worldwide.